R. Trent McAuliffe

Not Just Any Workers’ Comp Lawyer


Mr. McAuliffe holds himself to a high standard of professionalism and accountability to those whom he proudly represents. He is dedicated to the improvement of his client’s quality of life through the diligent application of the law.  He handles each claim personally.

Located in Reno Nevada, Mr. McAuliffe focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation cases and is committed to protecting the rights of injured people. He has a proven track record, helping his clients get all the workers’ compensation benefits to which they were entitled.


Read more and visit his website –> https://mcauliffeworkerscomp.com


https//lingersmokeshop.com | Instagram: @lingersmokeshop | Facebook: Linger Smoke Shop


There’s something about small businesses that I love.

I think the biggest part is the amount of heart and passion that is evident from the very first exchange of handshakes to the surreal, almost dreamy glaze that comes over owners and managers as they proudly talk about their business. Reno has been a fertile land for small business owners. From planting the initial seed of an idea to watching it grow into a staple of the community, business owners are faced with the delicate balance of nurturing their grounds to keep their consumers and clients, happy in order to put food on the table.

One thing I’ve observed is how supportive our community is. We’re willing to give everyone a fair shot at success. Like every good relationship, as long as both parties, in this situation the consumer and the business itself, are able to continue to satisfy the other, the relationship flourishes.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana (no this is not a political post), our city has seen an influx of various places to purchase glass, vape products, and other related items. One of my clients, Linger, is breaking into the market not only providing the aforementioned products, but also a variety of posters, clothing, and other hard to find novelty items.

Linger also provides not only a place to purchase these items, but also a place, to well, linger. The idea of creating a space where you and your friends can grab a snack, peruse art and trinkets or just hang out makes a huge impact on embracing the changes that our community is making.

Linger’s mission is to create a place for you. They want to hear your recommendations for what you want to see in stock and will create the store around your vision.

Give them a shot. Let me know what you think. We’ve barely just begun, and we’re excited to grow!

https//lingersmokeshop.com | Instagram: @lingersmokeshop | Facebook: Linger Smoke Shop