About Us

Everyone, at one point or another, has that glorious moment of an epiphany.

One of my favorite things to do after putting my nose to the grindstone in multiple jobs, is to escape the real world to Middle of Nowhere, Nevada with nothing more than my husband, dogs, and enough wood to keep a whole village warm. Sitting there, watching the flames lick the frost off my boots, I realized that I genuinely, wholeheartedly, love what I do for a living. I needed to find a way to use my experience in the work force to help those around me. I needed to find a way to turn multiple jobs in to one lifelong career.

And Bonfire Innovations was born. Born from burning old ideas to forge a new frontier. In this fire, I’ve found that there are few things more rewarding than helping others towards a job well done. I want to offer my years of experience, trials, accomplishments and yes, even my failures, to help you succeed.